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  1. enoenduser

    enoenduser New Member

    We love ISPConfig! We are using it for 5 years now and we are very satisfied with it!
    However we need some basic collaboration features for the customers, our clients are beginning to request this kind of features.
    Does anybody know about the existence of a tool or add-on to fulfil this kind of needs?

    · Calendar, maybe shared calendar between selected users
    · Contacts

    This features need to be accessed from outlook desktop client and from mobile (android device) too.
    We saw some 3rd party tools like those below:
    Horde webmail...
    Baikal addon

    We know ofcourse about Zimbra, or iRedMail... but we’d rather stick with ISPConfig

  2. BMT

    BMT New Member

    You realize that ISPConfig is a hosting platform and those two mentioned apps are not, right? Roundcube is also not like ISPConfig :D

  3. enoenduser

    enoenduser New Member

    Hello Tiho! Thanks for feedback!

    I understand the differences but this is what I wanted to know: Do I have any solution to add some collaboration features on this ISPConfig platform?

    Does anybody have any idea on how to deliver some sort of calendar functions (in sync with android clients too) to the clients on ISPConfig?


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