ISPConfig 3 installation issues

Discussion in 'Developers' Forum' started by jhughes, Oct 5, 2008.

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    Dunno if this belongs here or somewhere else, but as I figured you guys are developing ISPC3 right now...

    I did a "Perfect Server" Ubuntu 8.04, then followed the ISPC3 installation procedure.

    It also assumed I was using pure-ftpd-mysql, and I wasn't... I had proftpd. So, it tried launching the wrong FTP server.

    Also, postfix was giving me fits about not knowing how to use mysql in the syslog. That may have been my fault or not... I have no idea.

    Apache didn't want to start because vlogger wasn't installed. I assume this was my fault again, but the docs said ISPC would check for all dependencies (I thought).

    It never asked me about a user or password for the admin. I couldn't find any docs anywhere on what the default was, and none of my hacking attempts was fruitful. I looked at the .php code a bit and decided I wasn't going to dive into the mysql tables to figure it out. So, while it appears I did get everything installed more or less correctly, I could not use it. So I've reverted back to ISPC2 for the time being.

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    The perfect server setup is for ISPConfig 2 and not 3. The perfect server setup is completely incompatible with ISPConfig 3. It is not possible to install ISPConfig 3 on this setup, you will ahve to format the server and reinstall it by following the ispconfig 3 installation instructions. The ispconfig 3 installation instructions can be found inside the ispconfig3 tar.gz file.

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