Ispconfig 3 installed, but SSL Lets encrypt is not self signed

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    I have installed ispconfig 3 successfully, using this command :
    wget -O - | sh -s -- --use-amavis

    Then i haved uninstalled amavis , using command below:
    /etc/init.d/clamav-daemon stop
    /etc/init.d/clamav-freshclam stop
    /etc/init.d/amavis stop
    update-rc.d -f clamav-daemon remove
    update-rc.d -f clamav-freshclam remove
    update-rc.d -f amavis remove

    When setting website, i have enabled SSL and Lets encrypt, but my domain is not self signed certificate.
    Please help me , what i have misconfigured.

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    Any command line how to install ispconfig3, but not installed amavis and clamav ?
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    you may just have stopped the service from running. Though in ISPConfig you'd need to go to the server configuration and untick Mailserver, if you do not want to show it as Mailserver.

    If you are just playing around and you can start over freshly,
    6th bullet point does list a lot of options, including --no-mailman --no-mail or / and if you have an old system for some reason ( not adviced usually and not needed ) --use-certbot
    I am not 100% sure if I understood your request regarding SSL on your website correctly.
    For one you write you ticked letsencrypt and then it is _not_ self signed, where I do not see the issue.
    Do you want LE or do you want self signed, maybe you can rephrase and clarify?
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    Ah I forgot something myself, my thinking was not to install mail using the automated setup and follow the normal perfect guide
    to prepare "plain" mail afterwards and run update-script + choose reconfigure.
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    First, telling the installer to use amavis and then uninstall it makes no sense, it just breaks your server so no website can send emails e.g. for contact forms or shopping carts now from this server. See the post from on how to not install a mail server.

    I guess you mean you did not got a LE cert? This can have various reasons like the domain does not exist or the LE check gets blocked by a router, or you blocked port 80, etc. See a checklist to find out why LE refuses to issue a cert:

    Why do you want to use certbot? has proven to be more reliable and used as the default LE client. So, I won't recommend using certbot unless you plan to migrate a old system that uses certbot already to this server.

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