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Discussion in 'General' started by larsvansante, Apr 14, 2016.

  1. larsvansante

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    Hello, I am looking to buy this addon to make migrating websites, clients and inboxes smoother.
    I would like some more information about this tool before I make the purchase though..

    I would like to migrate almoost all sites from one server to the other, but not all, is it possible to deselect some? Is it a problem if I already have some sites on the new server? How long will I keep the license after purchase? I would not like to migrate the settings, as I plan to make the new server faster and more reliable than the previous. Are there any downsides in this addon compared to doing it manually?

    The way I do it manually is really bad, but it works. I just create the accounts on the new server and download the files manually from the old server and put it on the new. I do it this way because the other way documented in these forums gave me problems (probably did something wrong). The downside is that I cannot keep the passwords that way.

    One other unrelated question, is there a lot of difference between apache prefork and event? Apache seems to be faster for me than nginx.

    Thank you for your time :D
  2. DDArt

    DDArt Member

    We just used it not too long ago to migrate from a Ubuntu to Debian and from a smaller vps server to a much larger 2x the ram and such. It is tricky and most importantly is to read the description and instructions.

    Make sure you disable IPTables or any firewall you might have and you can run a 'dry-run' before. There are ways to skip certain domains and such but we wanted to mirror and migrate all and later we could have gone and delete. We also had to go back and undo the settings asked in the panel, like remote user, or put the stuff back into, Interface->Main Config->Main etc ie.: c[CLIENTID] or [CLIENTNAME].

    We had success with it, saved us hours of troubleshooting and figuring out stuff and might have been a hit or miss. Well worth the money we spent and also contribute to future development of the script/add-on.
    Lastly you can use hosts or in windows hosts to manually point to the new server and see if all works, try a domain and switch dns to the new server and see if emails, ftp, domain works and after you can migrate the rest of the domains.

    Good luck,

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