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    I have a multiserver enviroment and I bought the Migration Tool to migrate both server to 2 new ones.
    In server1 I have: website and databases
    In server2 I have: mail

    I migrate the old server1 to new server1 (master).
    The I did the same procedure to migrate old server 2 to new server2.

    My issue:
    In new server1 Ispconfig admin pages I see correctly client and websites.
    But I can't see the email accounts I created in new server2 (but I can see them if I log in ne server 2 ispconfig panel).

    So: is there a sync procedure to align server1 email data from server 2 email data or I have to manually copy data from databases?

    Thank you,
  2. till

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    I guess you accidentally selected server2 as master when importing the mail system and not server1. When migrating a multiserver system, then you must enter the master server details when the tool asks for the remote API login of the master, then the tool will then show you a list of servers where the data can be migrated to.

    Neither nor, this can't be fixed without reinstalling the mail system as you created 2 standalone systems now instead of migrating a multiservers etup and the ID's will collide now, that's why you must reinstall the mail server or go back to a backup state before you started the migration if you have taken a backup and then rerun the migration of the slave but take care that you let the migration tool connect to the master server, thens elect the slave as target from the server list that the tool shows you.

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