Ispconfig 3 Mirror Setup - different Mailrouting on Mirror Server?!

Discussion in 'General' started by nighty985, May 19, 2018.

  1. nighty985

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    Hello Guys,

    i recently settet up my new Hosting servers.

    I have on Customer, that has an own Mailserver, but my Servers handles mail first, then relaying to specific IP+Port -> only my IPs are allowed in customers Firewall.

    with my old setup, i had one ispconfig server, and one server mit normal postfix with differen transports like this:

    Old Setup was for example:
    Customers Mailserver Port: 825

    My old ISPConfig Server:
    Relay recipient: @customerdomain.tld
    Mail Route: @customerdomain.tld -> smtp:[]:825

    Old Postfix
    Relay recipient: @customerdomain.tld
    Mail Route: @customerdomain.tld -> smtp:[]:826

    second Mailserver delivers to 826 instead of 825 becouse customers firewall can only accept IP+port Combinations (dont ask my why someone sell this crap :) )
    Problem with mirror setup is now, when is set up a Mail routing like this:

    My new ISPConfig Server:
    Relay recipient: @customerdomain.tld
    Mail Route: @customerdomain.tld -> smtp:[]:825

    is the same config for mirror, what couses problems.

    Has anyone hints or ideas how i can achive that second server will relay mails to 826 instead of 825:

    following ideas until now:
    - Manual preparation of mail_transport table -> maybe 2nd entry with second server?
    - add Custom Transport config on Postfix to override ispconfig?

    custom db table mail_transport_custom in dbispconig, REPLACE INTO Records from mail_transport to new table, then add custom Route and change postfix to use new custom table?!

    maybe there are possibilitys with less "crafting" :)

    thx guys!
  2. nighty985

    nighty985 New Member

    i have tested this setup now and recognized that it is working without rewrite, but why?

    maybe is this related to ipv4 ip rewrite in ISPconfig? i have no idea why server 2 is able to relay mails through its own ip address and port 825 becouse in firewall is only 826 is allowed?!

    i tryed to reach the ports 825 and 826 from other endpoints and there are not reachable. little bit strange for me at the moment why it works :)
  3. florian030

    florian030 ISPConfig Developer ISPConfig Developer

    this is just for websites.

    if you can connect the remote-server from both ips: check the firewall :)

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