ISPConfig 3 Multiserver problems true install

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    My problems
    1 ispconfig is not showing mail, db, ns1, ns2, in server configuration and server services
    2 problem to connect mail, db, ns1, ns2 to the web server

    My OS
    Virtualbox 5.0.10 (OS Debian 8.2.0 x64)
    OS on ISPConfig Box (Debian 6.0.10 x64 minimal setup)
    i have made 5 Virtual Boxes with debian 6.0.10 x64 and all are on

    all servers have a static ip with bridged adapter on VB
    IP 192.0.0.
    web(110), mail(111), db(112), ns1(113), ns2(114),
    they are running and are up to date

    now i install the web server all goes well till step 7 page2 LINK of the multi server tutorial there are no mail db ns1 ns2 servers in ispconfig
    now i install the mail, db, ns1, ns2, servers all come with the same error Unable to connect to mysql server i can ping and telnet in true all mail, db, ns1, ns2, servers

    for telnet i get ​

    what am i doing wrong

    Thank you for your replay

    an Merry christmas and a happy new year

    ISPConfig Multiserver setup
    Debian Minimal setup

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