ISPConfig 3 Server Module for WHMCS

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  1. Germanius

    Germanius Member

    Hi there,

    the ISPConfig 3 ( server module (v1.0.1) is now available with the following features:

    - Automatic client creation
    o Clients are created with ISPC3 client templates. You can set different options for every hosting package
    o All client features/options are supported
    o Client details, which are transferred to ISPC3: Company name, First name, Last name, E-Mail Address, Postal code, City, State, Username, Password, Country, Language, Theme
    o Instant activation in WHMCS possible
    o Usernamehandling: Creates automatically a unique username (off/on)
    o Server-/Servergroupfunctions in WHMCS are supported
    - Automatic website creation (off/on)
    o Readonly (client can’t change website settings) (off/on)
    o ISPC3 domaintool: Automatic domain creation (off/on)
    o All website features/options are supported and can be set for every hosting package (such as Ruby, SSI, SSL, … everything)
    o DNS entries are created with the ISPC3 DNS templates (off/on)
    - Termination of accounts
    o Delete the client and all services (such as websites, FTP accounts, mail features, … everything)
    o Delete ISPC3 domaintool domains (off/on)
    - Suspend accounts
    o All websites are turned to inactive
    - Unsuspend accounts
    o All websites are turned to active
    - Password changing
    o Client and admin can change ISPC3 passwords
    - Displaying login link
    o ISPC3 login link in the admin area
    Off/on means that you can choose if you want to turn it off or on.

    System requirements:
    - WHMCS
    - ISPConfig 3, version 3.0.3 or newer
    - IonCube


    This module comes with a documentation/manual (english), which has 5 pages. There you will find installation instructions, explanatory notes, general information about all features and the perspective of the module concerning ISPConfig 3.
    Additionally you will find some code for your registrant module.

    All further updates, bugfixes, new features and changes in ISPConfig 3 are included.
    The price is only 30,00 EUR (one-time). Paymentmethod: PayPal

    You can order it here: click

    If you have questions, please contact me (PM - personal message).
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  2. Germanius

    Germanius Member

    v1.0.1 released (1st Feb 2011)
    o Instant activation in WHMCS possible
    o Usernamehandling: Creates automatically a unique username (off/on)
    o Server-/Servergroupfunctions in WHMCS are supported
    o DNS entries are created with the ISPC3 DNS templates (off/on)
    o Bug: Domaintool does not work, if Autowebsitecreation isn't enabled

    v1.0.2 released (9th Sep 2011):
    - Add Loginlink in Clientarea
    - Support for plan upgrading
    - Support languages which are not in ISPC by default
    - Bug: Problems with usernamehandling if it is a name like Johnny De Silva
    - Bug: DNS not working

    Roadmap for v1.0.3:
    - Support for using ISPC Addon Templates (?)
    - Support for disc-, traffic-, .. usage in WHMCS (?)
    - ...
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  3. ikrudolf

    ikrudolf Member

    What about future updates, are they included in the 30 euro price?
  4. Germanius

    Germanius Member

    Yes, they are included.
  5. ikrudolf

    ikrudolf Member

    Sorry my glasses were dirty :)
  6. ikrudolf

    ikrudolf Member

    Just ordered the module!
  7. Germanius

    Germanius Member

    Just sent it to you! :)
  8. outeredge

    outeredge New Member

    Just to warn people, this module comes with a custom version of the remoting API (php files) for ISPConfig, which could pose issues with upgrades.

    Germanius, can you confirm that features requests have been raised for each of the changes you've made to the and remote_user.tform.php files? If so, can you post the links on here so we can all vote?


  9. Germanius

    Germanius Member

    As described in the documentation, the changes in the remotingfiles get overwritten, if you update ISPC. But you simply have to replace them again, then it is working again.

    The changes I did in the remotingframework are already trasmitted to Till. He said, that he will include them in the stable SVN, so probably in the next ISPC version you dont have to change any remoting files.
  10. Horfic

    Horfic Member

    I can confirm Germanius sayings about the remote framework. Till and I updated the remote framework on the svn. The missing functions will be in the next ISPConfig version.

    So don't worry!
  11. outeredge

    outeredge New Member

    Great news!
  12. ikrudolf

    ikrudolf Member

    Got it.
    The only thing I have as a question is what to do with this. It's unclear what to change and where?
  13. Germanius

    Germanius Member

    That is optional. If you have the possibility to add custom code to your registrar module (if you already use one!!), then you can add the code to the existing function of your registrar module. But then you have to deactivate the domaintool function in the module, because these tasks are then done by the registrar module.

    As an example:

    function yourregistrar_RegisterDomain($params) {
    ...registrar code, which already exists...
    Add code from function_RegisterDomain.txt here and edit URL, user and password
    In this case EVERY registered domain is added in ISPC, not only the one they got with the hostingpackage! :)

    Edit: Okay, I see. I will improve the manual in the next version concerning this.
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  14. outeredge

    outeredge New Member

    I think we should raise a Feature Request in the bug tracker to show Client Template ID & Server ID in the lists. If not, the only way to be sure you've got the right ID's would be to look in the database.

    Also, can you clarify what this section does:

    ISPConfig Server Settings (Syntax:WebserverID,DBserverID,MailserverID,DNSserverID)

    and how does that relate to ISPConfig Server ID?

    I assume Server ID is the field that specifies which Web Server to setup the site on, or is this the one with the Control Panel on?
  15. Germanius

    Germanius Member

    We are currently testing the new version 1.0.1, where those settings (serverid and defaultid's) are a little bit clearer, because of Servermanagement in WHMCS.
    I will describe that in detail in the new manual, which will be released with the 1.0.1 in a few days.
  16. ikrudolf

    ikrudolf Member

    When I create a new website Apache stops and can't be restarted I get this error.

    I deleted the /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/ file and thand Apache restarts without problems.
  17. Germanius

    Germanius Member

    Did you set up the right IP in the module settings and is this IP already set uped in ISPconfig, so that you can crwate websites with that IP?
  18. ikrudolf

    ikrudolf Member

    I added the correct IP address now.
    I re-created the website again via whmcs but now all my sites give a 403 Forbidden error.

    I restarted Apache, and the 403 error is gone.
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  19. ikrudolf

    ikrudolf Member

    I started with enabling the domain-module enabled in ISPC3.
    (via System>Interface config>Domains>Use the domain-module to add new domains)

    Via System, Edit user, choose admin, and enable the module "domain".
    You have to logout and login again. You will have an extra navigation icon (domains).

    I also did not have an IP address added in ISPC3.
    (via System>Server IP addresses>Add new IP address)

    Changed all website from * to the IP address.
    If you changed the first website to a IP, all others will not work anymore. But don't worry, go on changing every site. All sites you changed will work.

    Thanks to Germanius for his help (via DM).
  20. mmidgett

    mmidgett Member

    I am thinking about buying WHMCS to use this module. Can someone thats using it tell me that it does indeed work.

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