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Discussion in 'General' started by Zandooy, May 15, 2009.

  1. Zandooy

    Zandooy New Member

    Hi everyone. I am new to ISPConfig. About a week ago I set up a server and installed ISPConfig 3 with Debian Lenny. I found myself very confused while navigating ISPC3 and could not for the life of me find any useful documentation on ISPC3. I know now that there are currently no useful tutorials or user manuals for ISPC3. Out of complete frustration I did a completely new install of Debian and ISPC2 this time. I followed the "Perfect Server" tutorial for ISPC2 and Debian Lenny as I did last time with ISPC3 and Debian Lenny. I have been using ISPC2 for 2 days now and have been very satisfied with its performance and user friendliness. It is still in the testing phase for me but no problems so far unlike ISPC3. I wish ISPC2 was capable of multiple servers and alias emails like ISPC3 but I don't need that at the moment. I may need to upgrade to ISPC3 later if I don't acquire too many hosting accounts to transfer. In my opinion, ISPC3 needs a complete rewrite. Navigation needs to flow smoothly and the hierarchy and layout of the menu system needs to be rethought. Don't get me wrong, I think the developers have done a fantastic job of creating a FREE Control Panel for server Administrators. I just think they went the wrong direction with the newest version.

    Maybe this will help some of you decide which version to install. I didn't have this post to help me so I figured it out the hard way for you.

    Thanks again and happy programming!,
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  2. exn

    exn New Member

    Hi Zandooy. I'll try version 3 of ispconfig today. It's very big difference between 2 and 3 ? What better ? :)
  3. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    ISPConfig 2 and 3 are completely different controlpanels. ISPConfig 3 is made for multi server management with virtual users while ispconfig 2 is made for single servers and uses linux system users.

    Thats depends on your personal needs. Most poeple prefer ISPConfig 3 with ist new ajax based interface.
  4. exn

    exn New Member

    Thank you Till.
  5. Zandooy

    Zandooy New Member

    Personally I think AJAX is completely unnecessary. It doesn't provide better functionality. Actually I think the interface for ISPc3 is more confusing than ISPc2. :eek:
  6. exn

    exn New Member

    I'm tried Ispconfig3 but I do not understand interface, where resellers, where hosting plans? I think need read documentation. I started with ispconfig2 at same day though. 2 is much more better than 3. IMHO
  7. Croydon

    Croydon ISPConfig Developer ISPConfig Developer

    ISPC3 might seem a little more complicated at first sight but it's really powerful and flexible.

    Reseller is every user that has a limit > 0 at "customers/clients"
    Hosting plans are the "client templates".
    The client templates are really powerful. You can define main templates and assign them to clients. Then you can define sub templates which are added to the limits of the main template if assigned to a client.

    Main template: Limit 5 mailboxes
    Sub template 1: Limit 2 mailboxes
    Sub template 2: Limit -1 mailboxes

    client 1: main template -> 5 mailboxes
    client 2: main template + sub tpl1 + sub tpl1 -> 9 mailboxes
    client 3: main template + sub tpl 2 -> unlimited mailboxes
  8. homo

    homo New Member

    By the way, ispconfig 3 should offer hard disk quota to users from the admin panel. Now users can increase the hard disk quota of their sites without any control;)
  9. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    No, they cant. Only if you allowed the user to create the site himself he can increae it. If the site was created by an admin, the user cant increase its quota.
  10. homo

    homo New Member

    Yes but the users who have the right to create sites (resellers) can use as hard disk they want. For example cpanel limits the total amount of hard disk a reseller can use.
  11. bajodel

    bajodel New Member

    how can i disallow the user to create sites ?
    For example.. if i put the user sites limit to 5 and i pre-insert (as admin) the 5 user sites ... how can i disallow user to delete one of them and create a new one ?


  12. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    Clients can not delete sites that had been created by the admin user.
  13. bajodel

    bajodel New Member

    ok.. i'll do more tests :)

    So .. there is a way to 'convert' a site generated by a client to a site generated by admin (for obvious locking purpose) ?


  14. commentator

    commentator Member

    what kind of mailbox format is used in ispconfig 3?

    I'm running ispconfig2 with Maildir. Maybe I'm going to switch on a new server to ispconfig3. Is it possible to save mail from Maildir and copy it to ispconfig3?
  15. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    ISPConfig 2 and 3 are using both maildir format.
  16. mixed

    mixed New Member

    I wish I could RTFM!

    I have postponed using any kind of control panel due to concerns that they can open up security holes.

    This week I decided to take a look at what open source options are out there and ISPConfig appears to be the most highly regarded.

    As I have found the HowtoForge articles here invaluable, I also thought it would be a smart choice, particularly given there was a HowtoForge article that gave pretty clear instructions on how to setup ISPConfig 3 (if somewhat concerning that it suggested opening up the MySQL server to the world).

    I proceeded to follow the otherwise excellent Howto and got ISPConfig 3 running inside a Xen VM in no time. So I logged in, changed the admin password and ran headlong into a brick wall!

    There seems to be absolutely no user documentation to guide you through common tasks like setting up a new user with a single site, setting up a reseller or managing quotas.

    I have just now paid up as a subscriber to HowtoForge (because it is hardly fair to gripe about something you get for free ;-) ), but now that I am paying surely the experts at HowtoForge could write some decent documentation for your own product! :)

    Thanks for all the amazing work you do.
  17. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    We know that and we are already working on some documentation. But in general its really self explaining.

    1) To create a new user, click on clients at the top, then on edit clients on the left and then on the add new client button.
    2) To create a website, the same procedure just in the sites module. Click on sites at the top, then on edit domain at the left and then on add new domains.

    Thats all :)
  18. mxtdn

    mxtdn New Member

    Help me please

    Hi all,
    I used ISPConfig v3.

    I have a reseller customer and i want to creat this account with limit 5GB harddisk and 50 GB bandwidth. How can i do it ?
  19. bhwong

    bhwong New Member

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