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    I will like to setup 2 Load Balanced ISPCONFIG 3 CentOS 6.6 servers using Till tutorial for unison and Howtoforge tutorial on Haproxy

    My question is if the main ISPCONFIG web server goes down, users will not be able to access the Ispconfig web interface on the secondary server. I think I can manual update the secondary ispconfig server to serve the ispconfig web interface. But is there a way to do this automatically?

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    In the cluster tutorial that yu linked above, the users can access the ispconfig interface on both servers. The setup configures ispconfig duing installation like this:

    server1: dbispconfig1
    server2: dbispconfig2

    Both dbispconfig databases are available on both servers and are replicated with mysql replication.

    ISPConfig consist of 2 independant parts, the interface and the server, I call the server part on server X "serverX" below and the interface part "interfaceX". Both parts are configured like this:

    Interface1 => dbispconfig1 (on server1)
    Server1: => dbispconfig1 (on server1)
    Interface2 => dbispconfig1 (on server2)
    Server2 => dbispconfig2 (on server2)
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