ISPConfig 3 with SOGo problem

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    I installed ISPConfig 3 and additionally installed SOGo on an Ubuntu 14.04 VPS . All is working quite well. I can log into SOGo and send and receive mails, however, when I try to change settings for a user mailbox in SOGo webmail, and hit save and exit, I get the message: service temporarily not available and settings are not changed.

    How should I troubleshoot this?
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    Hi, thnx for the reply.

    I can log in with the emailaddress of trhe mailbox just fine. But when I am logged in I can not change settings (like language, refresh time etc....)

    Whatr exactly do you mean with 'time better for you'??
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    has there been any more progress on integrating ISPCFG3 and SoGo?
    I'm looking to offer Outlook compatibility with my ISPCFG3 isntall and SoGo seemed to be the way to go...

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