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Discussion in 'General' started by baldur2630, Mar 20, 2010.

  1. baldur2630

    baldur2630 Member

    When can we expect to see some sort of quick start or user guide for ISPConfig 3.x?

    The interface is completely different to 2.x and I think a lot of us are just stumbling around in the dark.

    Just some simple Get Started docs until the full docs are done would be most helpful
  2. Thomas Jensen

    Thomas Jensen New Member

    Have you tried using it?
    To me it seems very straight forward..
  3. trondhuso

    trondhuso Member

    Quick Start

    I have also - finally - been able to use ISPConfig 3 and sort of being able to understand it. Yes it seems straight forward, but at the same time ISPC3 is a bit different from ISPC2 and other ISP-software.

    As an example: What is the username for an email-user? I believe it is [email protected]
    (I haven't found any usernames...)

    I support the suggestion of a quick start guide, but as I feel that the developers have a lot to do, why can't we - the community - start writing one?


  4. abubin

    abubin New Member

    yup, a wiki would nice as it allows community to participate thus making ispconfig a much better product. I would also like to see some documentation on how everything is setup, like where are system files located and how to modify certain files to customize it for my usage. As of now, I have to do a lot of exploring work and since I am no programmer and very noob, a lot of things I can't find.

    Having such information revealed would have ispconfig development fast tracked with contribution from community.
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  5. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    This would be great.

    We had setup a wiki several times and it has never been used except from spammers. We did this 4 times already and never did one of the requesters add something there. We will not setup a wiki again for the ispconfig project as it simply does not work.
  6. abubin

    abubin New Member

    you just need to find a volunteer who is willing to spend time managing the wiki. Such as copy and paste the tutorials, links and docs from available sites.

    Manage contributors to avoid spammers and perhaps contribute also in writing up more contents. Until someone who can help to do such a thing, better don't start wiki as spams will sure to come in.
  7. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    We had such vlounteers everytime we started the wiki and noone worked on the wiki longer then about a week and I do not have the time to manage the wiki myself beside of programming the ispconfig software. So if there are a few pople who are really willing to manage the wiki and promise to stay aboard for at least half a yer, I'am silling to setup a wiki again.

    This will cause copyright problems. So if we setup a wiki, it should contain unique content and the best tipps and snippets here from the forum but not any copied tutorials that the wiki maintainer has not the copyright for.
  8. abubin

    abubin New Member

    well..just need to ask the poster for permissions to add them into the wiki.

    However, I agree that you should spend your time on the programming part. Let someone or a group of veterans to handle the wiki and can stay longer than 6 months. Too bad I am still new very new to ispconfig and I really do not have the time myself. Hopefully someone is willing to step up.
  9. Toucan

    Toucan Member

    The community manual

    Ok, been watching this thread and some things are clear. New users definately want some documentation, developers definately don't have time to write it and their time is best spent developing. It's also clear that developers seem to answer the same questions again and again on the forum.

    So I've quickly put up a very basic Joomla site with the intention for people to add articles to it to make a manual.

    It's currently here:
    although if the concept is approved I'll buy a domain to stick over it.

    It's a bit different to a wiki but I think should do the trick. What does everyone think of the idea? Till? Positive or negative. Keep developing, installation and configuration issues to the forum but operating details on the site?

    If you'd like to assist by writing even a short article register here and I'll add you as an author.
  10. abubin

    abubin New Member

    i guess the big question is, how long can you spend your time overseeing this project? Will you like go MIA in a month or two like till said with all other volunteers?
  11. Toucan

    Toucan Member

    Well the site is on the back of one of my own so that certainly won't be going in a month or two. Regardless of whether I stay or go the key to success would be a team effort. If everyone who knew 'aomething' about the way ispconfig3 works it would be fairly easy to put together. Make a couple of people with joomla experience admins and it would have good resillience.

    The less people rely on others to make a manual and give a little back themselves the more successful. I'm sure most people have asked for advice on the forum that they could summarise into one page for a manual.
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  12. Toucan

    Toucan Member

    So just what are you after? If you let us know, what you'd like to know, then we can put it in some screen shots and post it here.

    if you know more, feel free to add an article
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  13. dclardy

    dclardy Member

    I can help out with this as well. I ask a lot of questions that people might want to know the answer to. I can type up some stuff to add.

    I don't have much experience with Joomla because I am a Drupal guy myself.
  14. Toucan

    Toucan Member

    OK, that would be great. I think just a few guides would really help ease the burden from this site. A few volunteers like yourself will make it easy work. If you register using this link: I'll upgrade your account to admin level.

    In it's simplest all you need to do is log in and select 'add article'. Feel free to explore the Joomla features but if you're unsure I can always link the menus up. All it takes is a couple of screen shots and some narrative and you have a guide. Thanks for your help.
  15. tristanlee85

    tristanlee85 New Member

    Add this to your documentation for me: what is the "Network Configuration" checkbox for under System Config? Should I create 2 server instances for my 2 IP addresses I have? That's the part that has me confused right now. In the Server Config, I create a server, enter in the IP address, yet there is a section specifically for IPs. Does the Network Configuration determine everything automatically for you?
  16. Toucan

    Toucan Member

    I'm a little uncertain on this topic myself. but here's what I think the situation is...

    The net config check box should remain unchecked unless you intend to use it to allow ISPConfig3 to alter your server's network settings. Everything should be set up automatically but you can enable this to edit the settings.

    As for the second IP address, I believe this is so you can add a second server and allow ISPConfig3 to control it. Add the IP address of it and then configure the services it can provide that will then allow them as options when adding them for clients etc. That means you could in theory give your clients a different default mail server etc.

    Like I say, I'm really not too sure about this so not able to commit to the answer. If someone else can confirm or correct this then I'll be happy to add it.

    Also, I'm still waiting for a volunteer to help write a couple of articles.

  17. Antennipasi

    Antennipasi ISPConfig Developer ISPConfig Developer

    Althought I personally love how Ispconfig does it's stuff, i do think even with current state of manuals and guides, it does make ISP-things too easy.

    That is reason why i don't share so easily my or our company's knowledge to current documentation, simply because answering obvious questions seems to produce only more questions.

    I do realize this post could sound offending, so i separately state that this is only my opinion to disquisition to this subject.

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