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    Hey everyone,

    first of all: Merry CHristmas and may the wait, wrong quote.
    Any way:

    I am currently finishing the migration to a new customer environment.
    I have a server for the cvustomer websites running the latest ISPConfig3.
    The server ( has a valid SSL Cert for this certain domain.
    Now, when a customer accesses the ISPConfig interface using, he gets the message that the SSL Cert is not valid for this domain, which is correct.

    But some users are startled by this message.
    Is there a confortable way (using redirects or VHost config) to bypass this problem. I don't want to buy valid certificates for all domains just for this info message to "go away".

    I thought about an "administrative" domain at first, but then I thought....
    If S1 gets crowded and I need to order a second server, the customer has to remember two different domains fopr two sites....which is NOT what I want. I would like to have the user's site administration KISS....keep it simple, stupid...

    THank you in advance.

    Kind Regards

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    You can not redirect a https-connection. The ssl-transaction takes place before any can redirect could be used.

    Why don´t you use the same domain for s1 and s-backup? You can also just change the ip for your admin-server and your clients will switch to the backup-server (set the ttl as low as possible).

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