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  1. CoDonCo

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    ISPConfig: step by step manual after installation

    Hello everyone,

    I'm having a few problems here. After installing ISPConfig, I started to configure everything.
    That was the moment hell started for me.
    I looked at the manual, witch was good. It explained to me what the meaning was for every option there was for ISPConfig, but not how to do it in practice.
    Well, there is always the forum, so I started to search, search, and again, search. It's 2 days later now, and I think it's configured, but is it like it should be?
    When reading the forum I realized I wasn't the only one with that problem. (Never the less, I learned a whole lot reading it.)
    So, I'm going to stop reading and I'm going to do this a different way. (Sorry if my language is bad, I'm from Belgium and normaly I'm speaking dutch.)

    I'm going to configure ISPConfig like it's intended to be configured. And I'm going to do it with or without the help of the community. I'm going to configure the damn thing until its working perfect and without any errors.

    The following is what I'm going to do, and what I'm asking all of you:

    I am going to configure ISPConfig step by step and write it down here.

    1. Help me and others by giving comments, stearing us in the right direction. When I'm wrong about something, tell me, write down how it should be done, and don't point to other threads on the forum but copy and paste the solutions over to this thread.

    2. After it is all done I'm going to write a manual “How to configure ISPConfig in practice” so everyone can benifit from it and I'm going to do it in english and dutch.

    3. I'm going to do this for 3 configurations:

    1 server with ns1 and ns2 on that same server.
    2 servers, both with ISPConfig with ns1 on server 1 and ns2 on server 2.
    1 server with ns1 and ns2 on other servers. (when you have nameservers somewhere else)

    4. I'm also going to do UebiMiau Webmail and PHPMyAdmin stuff, and why not, also PHPPGAdmin for those who want it, even if we have to reinstall everything to use it.

    5. Also, when it's nearly finnished, I'm going to open a dutch website for those who don't understand english and want to use ISPConfig, only dedicated to ISPConfig, and in the dutch language. (Manuals there will always be in 2 languages, english and dutch.) And there we are also going to help with the right dutch translation for ISPConfig, because it's not completely what it should be.

    6. As from now, I'm going to act as a noob, so don't be wondered if I'm going to ask stupid questions. Think about it, maybe those so called stupid questions, are not so stupid at all for some of us! And don't worry, I'm a very good listener.

    The first things I'm asking:
    Should I go for it and do this or not?
    Should I do it here, or from the beginning on a separate website?
    Give me your opinion, also the bad ones!
    Especially to Falko and Till, what do you think about it, your approval over this would be very stimulating.

    You will here from me later,
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  2. edge

    edge Active Member Moderator

    * Dutch.

    eej CoDonCo,

    Ga er voor.. Ik heb ISPconfig op de 'Trial and Error' manier geleerd.

    Een howto heb ik niet meer nodig, maar ik denk dat het geen kwaad kan voor een beginner.. Ga er dus voor!


    * English.

    Hello CoDonCo,

    Go for it.. I've learned ISPconfig by 'Trial and Error'.

    I do not really need a howto anymore, but I think that it does not harm a beginner.. Go for it!

  3. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    Go for it. ISPConfig needs more documentation, espeacially some step by step instructions for beginners :)

    Please do it here in the forums. The instructions can also be hosted on the ISPConfig documantation page when they are finished. It is better to not split the community efforts on several websites.

    If there are some more of you guys interested in building documentation, we can talk about activating the ISPConfig wiki again. The last time i set it up there was nearly no interest in using the wiki and i had to remove spam every day, so i dropped it...
  4. Brenton

    Brenton New Member

    Hi CoDonCo

    Go for it. I'm in the same situation and have the same problems and am thinking of doing the same thing. So if I can help in anyway, please let me know.

  5. Qrup

    Qrup New Member

    By all means > DO IT! < When I set up my IspCongig I experienced the same thing as you did. Every single thing was documented/described.. but, I couldn't read how to get started with the things I needed. The scenarios you describe are good. The latter "A server with ns elsewhere" is the one I need.
    Please put alot of effort into the english documentation.. not all people understand Dutch.. not here in Denmark at least. I don't haver the time to write the documentation, but I'll proofread it for you.. just contact me (ispdoc at qrup dot dk).

    I only run a Debian Sarge with IspConfig for fun.. my costumers are me, my mother and my whife :)
  6. CoDonCo

    CoDonCo New Member



    Well, I guess I have to do this.
    And I've got goed news for you, I already started it.
    It's not much, I know, but that will change soon.

    And you can follow the progress.
    I've set up an FTP-site where you can read and/or download things that are already done. You can find it at
    If you want to contribute something you can always upload your stuff to the "incoming" folder on that site.

    Eventually the manual will be very different as what you see now, the structure will be different and more logical, probbably with more text and less and smaler pictures. The purpose of this one is only to serve as a reference for the eventual manual.

    And as of now, you will here from me a lot more.

    And if you want to know where the name CoDonCo comes from, well:
    My name is Cockx Ludo
    My wifes name is Donhuysen Monique
    And I have 5 children witch I call the Company
    So now you know.
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  7. falko

    falko Super Moderator Howtoforge Staff

    Looks good so far! :)
  8. CoDonCo

    CoDonCo New Member



    Before I can go on I have a few questions for you all.

    Under Management, Server, Settings
    1- the tab Server: the Admin Email, can this be any email or should this be a servers email?

    2- the tab Web: Frontpage Path, when frontpage isn't installed, should this be made empty or can I leave the default value as is? For Suexec, when do I have to mark the checkbox and when not, and why exactly is it for (short explanation, it's only to check if I'm on the right track)?

    3- the Email tab: like in the first question, witch one for the Antivirus-Admin?

    4- the Save Log on some of the pages, are they for debugging or should I leave them always checked, or uncheck them later (won't they grow to big when I leave them always on)?
  9. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    This can be any email address.

    You can leave the default value. Frontpage is enabled when you select frontpage active on the functions tab.

    Suexec is a kind of chroot for cgi scripts. If your apache server is compiled with suexec and the document root that is compiled in your apache matches the docroot from ISPConfig, this shall be enabled.

    You can use any email address you like.

    I recommend to disable save log. This log is not rotated, it is a log function that is nescessary due to the law in some countries.
  10. CoDonCo

    CoDonCo New Member


    Just to let you know there is an update of the manual available.

    And second; I need your help guys!!!

    I need someone (ore more) who can write a practical guide about the 'Others' tab on the management/Server/Settings page.
    - where it is for
    - how to fill it in
    - when they are sent
    - when they are delivered and to who
    - ...
    Only text should be anouf. You can post it here or upload it to the ftp-server.
    It will be much appreciated.

    In the next days I'm going to cover the rest of the configuration and the installation of Frontpage,PHPMyAdmin,... after that comes 'the real thing' (probably the things lots of you are waiting for).
    -setting up dns
    -creating resellers
    -creating clients
    -and of course websites and email

    See you next time,
  11. ThE-LyNX

    ThE-LyNX New Member

    Great work m8, keep it up

    I will be following this very closely and will happily proof-read/try it out for you.
  12. CoDonCo

    CoDonCo New Member

    For ThE-LyNX

    Please do, and let me know.
    Sugestions are always welkom.
    For the thing that are already available, should I ad/remove/change something or not, also let me know.
  13. ThE-LyNX

    ThE-LyNX New Member

    :D So far its all good.

    Well thought through, well laid out and well explained.

    Wouldnt change any of what is already done so far.

  14. ThE-LyNX

    ThE-LyNX New Member

    i have just uploaded some notes on the 'management/Server/Settings/other' page, to you FTP server filename 'server-settings-other.txt'.

    Hope this helps
  15. Brenton

    Brenton New Member



    till mentioned the possibility of a Wiki being reactivated. Maybe this is the best solution? Something more interactive and collaborative.

  16. falko

    falko Super Moderator Howtoforge Staff

    The problem with a wiki is that it gets spammed all the time, even if we use authentication... :mad:
    If someone knows a better solution than a wiki please tell us.
  17. CoDonCo

    CoDonCo New Member

    Almost complete


    I've uploaded a zip-file to the ftp-server named
    I need a few of you (the more the better) who can fill this in for me, but if you are not shore about this, don't do it. The files in the zip are available in two formats: .doc format for office fans and .odt for the OpenOffoceOrg fans.
    I only need 3 files (not 6).

    Its nearly the last thing I need.

    Yes indeed, its almost ready, I just have to put the pieces together now in a logical order. A final test-version should be uploaded on wednesday evening, depending on the zip-question above.

    And for ThE LyNX, thanx man.

    To Falko, I also don't believe in a wiki, but this knight I was thinking;

    Why not holding a documentation contest, maybe with a time limit, and why not, put a price against it...:rolleyes:
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  18. madlew

    madlew New Member

    No updates yet ?

    Im just impatient as this is gonna be a great document

  19. falko

    falko Super Moderator Howtoforge Staff

    CoDonCo needs some details (see his post above) to complete the guide. Unfortunately both Till and I are so busy that we haven't had the time yet - so if someone else can give CoDonCo the details he needs that would be great. :)
  20. madlew

    madlew New Member

    I would help him Falko but I have no clue thats why im waiting for the document :D

    But i'll be glad to help in anyway

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