ISPConfig and Lets Encrypt - Option permanently switched of by itself

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by adrastea, Feb 27, 2019.

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    I'm running the latest ISPconfig with all patches and LetsEncrypt with certbot version 0.31.0.
    On my server I have a couple of installations, most of them with a bunch of alias domains.
    One of this installations does not run with Lets Encrypt.
    When I switch on Lets Encrypt in the configuration of the website, this option is switched off again, after one minute.
    The certs are created properly, as I can evaluate.
    I activated the ISPConfig log to debug mode and there, I get this:
    "Let's Encrypt Cert file: does not exist."
    I think, this is the main reason, why the options is switched off again and again. But why?
    Out of desperation, I just deleted all directories and configurations concerning this specific website to start from scratch, but it didn't work.
    In the renewal config of the website, there is a section called [[webroot_map]]. In all other installations, I can see entries of the domains and alias domains. But in this case, the section keeps empty.
    Does somebody have an idea, what's going wrong here?
    Thank you in advance!
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