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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by miodragz, Oct 4, 2007.

  1. miodragz

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    ISPConfig and web1 login[SOLVED]

    When i create e-mail acc. i must login with username web1_admin.
    Expample user Joe must login with web1_joe where i can change this, need me to stay only joe

    Sorry for my english and thanks
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  2. giganet

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    I don't beleive you can change the username not to use the '[WEBID]' as this is how ISPConfig determines which user from what account you may be.

    When you are logged into ISPConfig you can navigate to 'Management > System Config > Settings > ISP Manager'

    Here is where you can modify the identification format used by ISPCnfig to identify each new client account you add, you can modify this but I don't think it would be wise to use it without the [WEBID] function.

  3. miodragz

    miodragz New Member

    work fine without prefix,only delete prefix
    i cant explain to customer why web_1 and ISPConfig is exellent soft
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  4. lano

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    Removing prefix is not god idea, since Ispconfig creates user as system user. That means, if you have two users that wants username "joe", only one wil get it. With one or two sites (customers) that doesent matter, but with 100+, it might be a big problem. Just a thought.

  5. giganet

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    Excellent point lano!

    I am very unclear of how forgiving ISPConfig is of modifications made to the WEB ID function, seems that it could get a bit sticky on a server of higher user density though...


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