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    Hi ,
    When i search on google with keyword, and i got japanese character on mail. guruhdd. com url
    My question is. how to set on ispconfig for my domain to allow only and www. guruhdd. com, but not for

    Is it possible ? If it is possible, please tell me how to do it.
  2. till

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    Is the mail subdomain your server hostname? If yes, then your issue is not related to auto subdomains. Your server will respond to any domain that you point in DNS to it, that's the case for any server and control panel, so not ISPConfig specific. When your server hostname is mail.yourdomain.tld, then your server must respond to it, it will show the apache or nginx default vhost in that case. What you can do is that you e.g. edit the index.html page of the default vhost and add a javascript redirect to your website.

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