ISPconfig billing module with Word Press.

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  1. Eugenm

    Eugenm New Member

    Hi, setting subdomain websites with ispconfig never was easier which is great.
    Now I try to imagine the billing module integration with Word Press website for a client would access to maintain/edit his/hers website only through the Word Press login access, so they would not need to have another account user/pass with ISPconfig, how that would work ?
    Any ideas? Thanks.
  2. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    You can manage almost all functions in ISPConfig incl. Billing Module functions by using the ISPConfig remote API. As far as I know, there exists a Wordpress ISPConfig plugin.
  3. Eugenm

    Eugenm New Member

    Thank you a lot, great news.
    Yes, although I Need to research, not sure yet if that plug in is what I really want.
  4. Kenneth Ehmsen

    Kenneth Ehmsen New Member

    There are two plugins for Worpress(.)org
    • wp-ispconfig
    • wp-ispconfig3 (My recommendation)
    I am writing on a third plugin, which gives more freedom for using the remote api stack.
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  5. Kenneth Ehmsen

    Kenneth Ehmsen New Member

    Could you describe what your needs are for a plugin?

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