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Discussion in 'General' started by Fafa24, Oct 12, 2023.

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    I must change the iPv4 address on my ISPconfig 3.2.9 SP1 server, running on Ubuntu 20.04.

    My ISPconfig server hosts:
    - DNS

    The zone file for the iSPconfig domain is also on the server.

    I thought to follow this order in order to change the IP
    - change A record for the ISPconfig server in the zonefile
    - /etc/netplan/50-cloud-init.yaml
    - ISPconfig GUI, System, server config
    - ISPconfig GUI, System,
    - Server IP addresses
    - change website IPs
    - update DNS bind, NS and any other A records.

    Is this procedure fine and what else to keep in mind for a smooth IP migration?
    Do I need to change any IP for postfix or bind in the command line?

  2. ahrasis

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    Public (WAN) or private (LAN) IP?
    We change this via GUI or database, if your dns server is using ISPConfig, not via file.
    Make sure this is the same file you use to setup the server because default is using different name.
    It is encouraged to use asterisk (*) and not IPs for website in ISPConfig.
  3. Fafa24

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    Thanks - yes it is the public IP for WAN, sorry forgot to mention that. I didn't know the asterisk * would work for websites.

    Yes, I was using netplan to set up the server.

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