ISPconfig cluster with high availability and failover

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by -crisstm-, Oct 29, 2008.

  1. -crisstm-

    -crisstm- Banned

    Hi all

    i wondering if it's possible to set up two servers with this services :
    DNS Server,
    Mail server
    Mysql Server
    Web server
    FTP server
    use ISPConfig to manage both server, and servers must to be in cluster mode with high availability and failover.
    Thks to all
  2. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    ISPConfig itself does not provide such functions. But you can e.g. use ispconfig on a mster server and then synchronize the content and configuration on the slave servers with e.g. rsync.
  3. -crisstm-

    -crisstm- Banned

    ok but i don't know to do that.
    you have some tutorial here? and its available for all services with load balancing and failover?
    i read some tutorial on howtoforge but is just for apache web server, and i need mail and ftp and mysql too.

    P.S if it's a possibilities to help you in your project ISPConfig just tell me. i have many servers, domains...for beta testing and so on.....
  4. falko

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  5. -crisstm-

    -crisstm- Banned

    ok i check these tutorials(debian) but i use centos for my server.
    i try to use cluster management from centos and its work but from node1 i can see node2 and reverse, but if stop node1, node2 don't display web page.
    where i'm wrong?
  6. falko

    falko Super Moderator Howtoforge Staff

  7. metaldrummer

    metaldrummer New Member

  8. falko

    falko Super Moderator Howtoforge Staff

    I haven't tried this on Suse, but I guess a few things will be different.
  9. ashishpadave

    ashishpadave New Member

    How do you manage the virtual hosts config on cluster nodes? Is'nt the vitual host file using specific IP's ?

    If i mirrored the vhosts config from the master on a node will it work ?

    If any change is made on the vhosts file on the master, the apache servers on the nodes will have to be restarted?
  10. -crisstm-

    -crisstm- Banned

    i made Cluster server with unison like told me Till, and working fine all services DNS-WEB-FTP-PHP&MySQL-Mail, but i want to know the other way if its possible with ISpConfig.REal cluster or parallel computing to share all resources...from bandwith to hardware...
    Someone do this? Share to us, please.
    Thank's !
  11. ashishpadave

    ashishpadave New Member

    Could you show me the tutorail about Unison please.

  12. -crisstm-

    -crisstm- Banned


    yes you have search on google about docu unison.
    i made a crontab job to replicate all data from mail, database to the second, third...server's, and when one server goes down (failover) other servers work fine without lose any mail or changes data from ftp web dns....
    this replica is bidirectional, not one way, and changes can aply any server you want.
    i use replica between servers with public ip i have servers in different location, and my servers comunicate non stop, and in my case if one server goes down my services stiil up and runing, and i have 100% uptime.
    this link may help you.
    i intend to make a tutorial how to set up many servers with ispconfig2 and unison with public ip to serve with 100% uptime our services (web,dns,mail,ftp,mysql).
    ispconfig 3 is not for bidirectional transfer, it has just one master server and many slaves, and if your master goes down, your services like a mail doesn't work.
    rsync is not for a bidirectional transfer and update your data, but unison does.

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