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Discussion in 'General' started by nightcrawler72, Dec 7, 2005.

  1. nightcrawler72

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    Can i configure ispconfig in a 2 node cluster only 2 servers in the cluster mirroring each other using GFS on fedora core 4
    i need to plan a redundant environment for my web/mail servers
  2. till

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    Generally yes. As ISPConfig uses config files for system configuration, you can mirror ISPCOnfig by mirroring the config files, the ISPConfig database and your websites between the two servsers.
  3. nightcrawler72

    nightcrawler72 New Member

    thank you i will be trying to create this setup over the next two days
  4. nightcrawler72

    nightcrawler72 New Member

    hi everyone
    i've been trying to chose a clustering software to use for fail over on fedora core 4 and be able to mirror the servers both will be identical hardware and i have 2 nic's but all the research i've done tells me this is the way to go but i cant find a package that can do it all
    any sugestions ???
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