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    I've installed ISPConfig recently and everything seems to be working fine. I have yet to find any errors or faults as I have not really added much domains using ISPConfig.

    However, I did notice that whenever I created a database for a site, it added the database with prefix web[integer]_db[integer] and the database user with prefix web[integer]_u[integer].

    Is there a way to customise this? I've cleared the User Prefix option (leaving it blank) in Management -> System Config -> Settings -> ISP Manager. This does not seem to affect the database prefix at all. Since we are in that page, is the tab Common supposed to be blank?

    What I wanted is to simply create the database and user using the domain name, ie. MySQL DB = "" and MySQL User = ""

    Where can I define or customise this option in ISPConfig. Is there some sort of template or configuration files that I can edit to change the default prefixes/settings of ISPConfig at all.

    Thanks in advanced for any help given.


    A. Syadiqin
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    No, not without changing the scripts that create the databases.
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