ISPConfig DNS Settings for multiple domains (Hosted on 1 IP)

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    Hi guys,
    I`ve set up my ISPConfig box but have some questions about DNS / Mail configuration. Please also (cause I`m a noob) check if my configuration is corrct).

    I have 2 domains hosted on one machine with 1 IP: (named below) and

    My servers hostname is
    In /etc/postfix/ I have:
    > My primary nameserver ( and is my own server. The secondary is hosted at my provider.
    > There are glue records registered at my provider for and which point to my servers IP. For I`ve also set up a IPv6 glue.
    > There is a reverse pointer for my IP pointing at
    > Everything is working just fine, mail, web, ... no problems but if I make a check at I get some weird errors I can`t deal with. Could you please tell me what I`ve done wrong?

    Query for (
    My named (bind) configuration for
    For it is:

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