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  1. ACDII

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    Hello all, I have been running this setup for a while now on Fedora Core 15, and now that the Shellshock is out, and I can't patch FC15 that I know of, I need to know if I can build a new set of servers with the same setup?

    Is there an updated howto with the latest versions? Last Time I attempted an upgrade it failed miserably as some of the packages used no longer existed. Any assistance on this will be greatly appreciated.
  2. till

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    Better use debian or Ubuntu then Fedora as you can always ipgrade them easily to new major versions without problems.

    There is no new version for the above guide, but it should work for the current debian wheezy as well. If a package is not found, use the command from the corresponding chapter of the perfect server debian wheezy guide.
  3. ACDII

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    Thank you! for some odd reason I didn't get a notice of a reply. have to check my settings.

    Now to figure out how to export the data once I build new servers.

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