ISPConfig Manual : buy now or wait?

Discussion in 'General' started by TonyG, Aug 22, 2020.

  1. TonyG

    TonyG Active Member

    If we buy the v3.1 manual, will we get an update when it's updated for 3.2? According to the webpage, no. So should I wait for a v3.2 update? Will there be a 3.2 update? I could wait for a year and maybe not see one.

    I know it's only 5 bucks/quid/euro so there's an easy answer to this - just buy it now and then buy it again when there is an update. Yeah, I'll do that as soon as there is an answer here. I'm just wondering, since it's so close to v3.2 release, whether the update is expected within days or perhaps months.

    And how recently was it updated given that the software is now on 3.1.15?

    As you know, I'll be happy to contribute whatever I can to docs as I learn new details. I'm just looking for the best place to jump on the train.

  2. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    No. if you buy a book, then you get the book you bought. You will not get any potential future versions of that book.

    There will be an update, but I can't say when I'll find the time to write it. So you have to decide yourself if you want to buy a version now that covers almost all functions of the next version or if you want to wait until a new updated version gets released.

    The page of the manual states exactly from which date the manual is and what it contains:
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  3. TonyG

    TonyG Active Member

    Just got my book (under my real name :D). Happy to contribute notes for next version as I learn. Eager to buy the next version. Thanks.
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  4. Bonzo

    Bonzo New Member

    I'm also interested in a new manual. Yes 90% of the manual may be accurate today but there is also a lot of new functionality. I would be especially interested in more advanced things like ispconfig internals (where you can add template options so they won;t be overwritten for example). Example installations, multiserver, ispconfig coding standards (I often want to contribute), API development are interesting as well. And of course, I would buy every new release. 5euros are really not that mucht to support you
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  5. ahrasis

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    If that is so I'd suggest you should just suscribe monthly instead of buying new release of ISPConfig manual.

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