ISPConfig on Banana Pro / Raspberry 2-3

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by NdK, Nov 12, 2016.

  1. NdK

    NdK Member

    Hello all.
    I managed to install ISPC3.1 in a Banana Pro (1GB RAM, GbE directly attached to SoC, SATA port).
    The install does not present particular troubles (except for having to manually compile fastcgi module) and ISPConfig itself runs quite well, with acceptable response time.
    The problem is that *any* php script in a created website thrashes apache2 process (the handling process consumes all the available memory including swap for a total of 2GB and gets killed). Seems independent of the mode I use to handle PHP (FPM, fastcgi or mod-php). And it doesn't depend on script complexity: even a simple
    echo "OK"​
    does the same.
    Any hints?
  2. lnxgs

    lnxgs Member

    do you follow howtoforge debian guide to install Ispconfig?
  3. NdK

    NdK Member

    Yup. That's "THE" reference :) I just skipped webmail install since I'm using GSuite for my domains.
    It's the first time I'm having troubles (and it's about the tenth time I install ISPConfig, but the first I install it on such a constrained-resources device, the second if you count the test on an RPi B w/ 256MB RAM).
  4. NdK

    NdK Member

    Just terminated another install, this time on a RPi 2B: PHP is working well!
    I don't understand what happens on the Banana Pro. :( I followed the exact same steps... Bah!
    Well, I'll keep the BPro as storage controller (GbE interface and SATA port supporting PMP)...
  5. sjau

    sjau Local Meanie Moderator

    retry again on the Banana Pro? Maybe you accidentally missed out on something
  6. NdK

    NdK Member

    I don't think I missed something, but I'll probably retry anyway if I'll still have the BPro available (I doubt).
  7. NdK

    NdK Member

    Reinstalled using the (slightly modified) script and it seems it's working: no runaway processes, at least for a simple phpinfo().
    Mah! Anyway the RPi2 seems faster (maybe it leverages the 4 cores).

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