ISPConfig on PHP 5.3.3 to PHP 5.3.10

Discussion in 'HOWTO-Related Questions' started by Ph1L, Aug 23, 2016.

  1. Ph1L

    Ph1L Member

    Hi guys,
    I've tried to upgrade PHP 5.3.3 to PHP 5.3.10, but without success.
    Can anyone provide me any working tutorial? I guess I'm not the first one to to do this :)

  2. CorSch

    CorSch New Member

    Hi Ph1L,

    is there a specific reason for running PHP 5.3? /supported-versions.php
    As you can see, PHP 5.3 is out of support since 2014.

    Which Linux distribution are you using?

    Best Regards,
  3. Ph1L

    Ph1L Member

    Thanks for your reply.
    The server is some years old. Wanted to update PHP, in order to get Joomla 3.x installed, currently only 3.2.7 supported on PHP 5.3.3. Therefor PHP 5.3.10 is needed, or something higer, in the PHP 5.3.x releases.
    It's running CentOS release 6.8 (Final).
  4. CorSch

    CorSch New Member

    thank you for the information.

    Are you running php as mod_php or with fastcgi / fpm etc.?

    If you don't have an application that requires an old php version, I'd recommend you to install php 5.6 from the remi repository.
    Just have a look at the "Install Wizard" /wizard/ and choose (CentOS 6 => 5.6.24 => Single Version)

    Don't forget to run a backup before installing the php version or if your machine is a vm just do a snapshot. :)
  5. Ph1L

    Ph1L Member

    It's running ISPConfig 3. Not sure about mod_php or fastcgi etc. Can you advice me how to check?
  6. CorSch

    CorSch New Member

    How did you install ISPConfig 3? Did you use an tutorial from howtoforge?
    The CentOS default is mod_php.
  7. Ph1L

    Ph1L Member

    I have not installed this VM, therefor I can't answer you. I've setup several others, using tutorials from here yes.
    Let's assume it's mod_php, then what? :)
  8. CorSch

    CorSch New Member

    Then you can just do the update :)

    But you can do the snapshot, right?
  9. Ph1L

    Ph1L Member

    Sure, always snapshot before updating af Linux VM ;)
    Will try this later. Thanks for your help so far. Will update here with status later on.

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