ISPCONFIG on Raspberry, would it be slow?

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by rob_morin, Feb 13, 2020.

  1. rob_morin

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    Hello all...
    So it would seem as long as Raspian is used ISPCONFIG can be installed on it... but what is the result?
    I am trying to save some money by possibly not using a cloud server and putting a raspberry in my company server room.
    My current cloud server is 4 gigs ram and 80 gig disk with 2 vcpus(2.2Ghz), and all works well
    I have a few websites(also use mysql for wordpress) and some mail domains, but its all personal use, nothing heavy.
    So not too much traffic...
    They are the Raspberry PI 3B

    But i see the new PIs are out PI4 maybe a couple of them rather than just one?

    Thanks in advance for any info...
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  2. till

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    It does not matter for the server speed if ispconfig is installed or not. The speed is the same with or without ispconfig. What matters for the speed of your website is the speed that php, mysql and apache or nginx are processing incoming requests, ispconfig has no influence on that.

    A few notes: If it's a pure web server, then don't install the full mail server stack, install just postfix, and don't install bind. and then use ISPConfig expert mode to configure just web services. Regarding web server: nginx uses less ressources than apache, so if it's a small server, nginx might be a good choice.
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  3. rob_morin

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    Ok thanks for the info Till... I will do a dev test and see how it turns out.... In Canada the PI 4/4GB is $79 so its not a big cost for a test...
    Have a great day!

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