ispconfig php-fpm SSL error with large file

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    When I upload a big file, it stops for a long time and responds with this error:

    has expired: ... AH01075: Error dispatching request to : (reading input brigade) ...

    I saw that on server the file is nearly uploaded, only few bytes remaining, but it stops receiving. Maybe it checks the file in memory finding the type and stops.

    more here: [phpinfo][1]

    php code like in [example code: upload.php][2]

    [1]: phpinfo.pdf
    [2]: in w3schools php/php_file_upload.asp
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    Fix SSLRenegBufferSize to your need in apache2 configuration

    in **apache2 sites-enabled conf** file add the following line inside `<Directory ...>` brackets :

    "SSLRenegBufferSize 1024000" or more
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