ISPConfig prevents GUI Login Screen?

Discussion in 'General' started by Dan Thurman, Dec 12, 2007.

  1. Dan Thurman

    Dan Thurman New Member

    Fedora 8
    ISPConfig 2.2.18

    Seems that after I had installed and configured ISPConfig and then rebooted, I was able to boot up w/o service errors, saw the gui screen showing the various services being turned on and once completed, then it proceeded in preparation for the gui logon screen and all I see is the normal fedora spinner cursor spinning forever. The gui logon screen failed to come up.

    Did I misconfigure something or is this normal?

    Is it possible to disable the ISPConfig program completely so as not to interfere with the normal bootup process so that I know it is not ISPConfig that is preventing the gui logon screen?
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  2. Dan Thurman

    Dan Thurman New Member

    [SOLVED] ISPConfig prevents Gui Login screen?

    There is another thread opened with this problem. See it here:
  3. omo

    omo New Member

    I have the same problem
    How did you solve the boot issue?
    I had to format the drive x3 due to ISPConfig locking the screen

  4. falko

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