ISPConfig running on default web server (port 80)

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    I would like to run ISPConfig on the default web server port together with the normal web server (Apache). Is that possible? Does it mean a security threat because ISPConfig adds users etc, so any web app could add users etc?

    Shouldn't there be a way to let apache run as a different user in case of ISPConfig with a Virtual Host directive or something?

    I want to save resources by running just one web-server because my system runs on a vserver with limited memory and I've got quite a few other servers running, which I don't want to turn off. ISPConfig is not used at the moment, because I've got no commercial clients.
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    Only if you have two IP addresses. Then you can use one IP address for your main Apache and the other one for ISPConfig.

    I've never tried this, and I don't recommend it. The purpose of having two separate Apaches is that if your main Apache goes down, you can still access ISPConfig and try to fix things.
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    I have two IPs. I also posted a new thread but no replies so far. Falko, you seem to be the guru of ispconfig. Can you help me with this. I have two public ips and I want to run ispconfig in one and apache in other.

    Thank you
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