ispconfig running "SELECT SUM" in mysql constantly?

Discussion in 'General' started by craigfanman, Mar 16, 2017.

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    Hi. This might be a shot in the dark but, I have a webserver that is quite regularly getting really chocked by mysql, and the main culprit is the root user running:

    SELECT SUM(data_length+index_length) FROM information_schema.TABLES WHERE table_schema='somedb'

    on every db in the database all the time over and over again. I've tried changing the root mysql pass but this still happens and I dont know where its coming from. Is it ispconfig doing this and if so am I able to turn it off? I guess its doing this to log sizes for quotas etc...?
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    It looks like it is... as part of the cron, it looks to be triggered every 5 minutes from

    I could see that being a bit too often if you have a large number of databases on the server.

    As a TEMPORARY STOP GAP, you could hand edit that file and change the schedule to run that particular part of the cron jobs to "At minute 5 past every 3rd hour" instead of the default which is every 5th minute.

    # vi /usr/local/ispconfig/server/lib/classes/cron.d/
    // job shedule
     protected $_schedule = '*/5 * * * *';
    to something like....
    // job schedule
     protected $_schedule = '5 */3 * * *';
    REMEMBER to save using ':wq'
    If you want a different time, you can use this tool to figure what it would look like...*/3_*_*_*

    And, you don't have to use "vi", you can use any of the text editors available on your system to edit the file.
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    Aha yep thats sorted it, thanks very much good to know what it was :)

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