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Discussion in 'General' started by asgare, Aug 9, 2015.

  1. asgare

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    I regrettably, accidentally removed "usr" instead of "usb" directory completely. Fortunately since my USB were there could copy all mysql *.myd *.myi *.frm files. After that I installed a brand new server.

    My problem is how to restore these mysql *.myd *.myi *.frm files, it's about 6 GB. BTW, I Googled many options but didn't worked. It has been for two days I am busy with this server.
    Your kind helps appreciated in advance
  2. till

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    Just create an empty database on the new server and the copy the files back. But this will only work for MyISAM databases, if you have InnoDB databases, then you have to restore the complete /var/lib/mysql folder from old server as the data of all databases is stored in a central InnoDB file by default.
  3. asgare

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    Thanks till
    How do I know kept backup is MyISAM or InnoDB?
    I just copied whatever were inside mysql/lib/* (as far as I remember)

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