ISPConfig Server preparation with Puppet

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    I just released a puppet module for automating the installation and configuration of all the services as described in PerfectServer Tutorials.
    Currently it is limited to Debian 10 only and installation of nginx as webserver. It further does not install ISPConfig itself. That is still up to you.

    But it installs and configures all services required for running a one-host-for-all setup or dedicated servers for master, web/db, mail and dns.
    It further installs rspamd, roundcube, mailman and phpmyadmin at several locations bound to an nginx server with the hosts FQDN.
    Required SSL Certificates can be provided via hiera or obtained for the servers FQDN via Lets Encrypt. The certificate will be set in place for the default nginx host, postfix, courier and pureftpd.

    The module requires your puppet server to be accompanied by PuppetDB. The postfix configuration on standanlone mailservers use DB queries to generate IP lists of servers that are configured to use them as relay (automated mynetworks-setting).

    If you use this module on testnodes or in production, please let me know if it works for you. I also appreciate contribution in the project repo for fixing bugs, adding additional features or configuration options as well as further OSses.

    Puppet forge:
    Git Repo:
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