ISPConfig (sieve) messages redirect causes an SPF fail at the original sender

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by martinhe, Oct 23, 2023.

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    Hello, please help me.

    1. For my mailbox [email protected], in the mailbox configuration in ISPConfig, I set the redirect of incoming messages to my second personal e-mail [email protected]
    2. I receive email messages from [email protected] to my address [email protected] with redirect also to [email protected]

    The problem is that I was contacted by [email protected], that the IP address of my server is filling him with DMARC reports due to SPF softfail and that he says that my server is spoofing his mail by sending mails on his behalf.

    I noticed that ISPConfig manages the sieve file and adds this line to it:

    redirect [email protected]

    But apparently this method is not friendly to the SPF of the original sender. Apparently the redirect doesn't forward the messages correctly to be SPF compliant.

    How to solve this please?
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  2. recin

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    Search for mail SRS
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    This might work, you can try it out by editing a sieve file manually as a test or by editing the sieve template. But the downside with that is that you might lose the info who send the email and you become responsible for the content, e.g. you receive a phising email that gets not detected by ClamAV, you then forward it with this method to a Gmail account, Gmail recognizes it as phishing email and you as the sender of that phishing email when your address is the from address.
  6. remkoh

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    Looks to me like it should work.
    On the condition the mail is resigned by DKIM.
    Otherwise you would have worked around your SPF issue but created a new DKIM issue.

    I agree with @till about the implications rewriting the sender would have doing it this way.
    That's why SRS is invented.
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    how is it possible for ispconfig to not add my dmarc after i have set a spf record i still get the eroor ther is no active spf record
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    I wrote answer to your other hijacked thread with the same question.

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