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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Jiri Benes, Jan 17, 2018.

  1. Jiri Benes

    Jiri Benes Member

    Hello guys,

    I´m considering to implement ISPConfig into our environment. Currently have

    4 web servers
    2 reverse proxies
    and 2 DNS servers

    I´d like to integrate all these into ISPconfig and manage everything from one place.
    My question is what deplyment scenario should I use?
    I´d also like to integrate ISPC with Lets encrypt

    Thanks for any advice


  2. ressel

    ressel Member

    Multi server is the answer...
    Look into your own needs, because you can do like this:
    1 or more master that hosts ispconfig panel and what ever you like of services.
    2 dns
    x number of slave hosting servers that is running as slaves (single)
    x number of slave hosting servers that could run in cluster with HA (more complicated setup)

    with ispconfig you can both run some single slave servers so if 1 server goes down all client data on that server is down, but not rest of setup, but you can also do a cluster setup, so you would benefit from HA.
    ISPConfig will fit for mosts needs, and the setup for ispconfig part is almost the safe if you select to run cluster, but then you will need to configure either load balancing or whatever you like to use to make a HA setup

    in my setup I use some proxmox servers wit a lot of VM's to host my environment, I got a mix of single slaves and cluster servers.

    I have been using ISPConfig for more than 10 years now, and when I look back I have even tried to rescue a DNS server with only moving mysql db and ispconfig folder to new server, rest was installed from scratch on a new server, and when just running ispconfig upgrade on top of the server, rest of configuration was fixed by ispconfig.
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  3. Jiri Benes

    Jiri Benes Member

    Thx ressel! What web server do you use on your panel? I´d like to use nginx but havent found any tutorial how to setup enginx for ISPconfig 3.1...
  4. ressel

    ressel Member

    Sorry for late answer, I have been very busy lately.
    My master server is running apache, because when I installed ISPConfig 3 many years ago nginx was not supported.
    But I have a mix of apache and nginx slave servers so I can put customers on a server for their need.

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