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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by NMR, Sep 25, 2019.

  1. NMR

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    I'm looking for a solution to our problem where the current SMTP Server running on PLESK is exhausted due to resources and we can't outgrow it in terms of hardware resources.

    Can we setup ISPConfig-3 in some fashion that it takes the SMTP Auth information ( using mysql over TCP/IP ) and allow the sender to send emails without any delay.

    Currenty, with PLESK only, our user's are facing hude delays in their email delivery and the emails are stuck in their outbox folders, ( this is also true to Mac Mail ).

    While the performance for SMTP on ISConfig looks promising, I would like to setup a separate server with purely SMTP ( including remote SMTP-Auth enabled from the PLESK Database ) so that users should not get their outgoing emails get stuck in outbox.

  2. Taleman

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    There is Migration Tool that can migrate your setup from Plesk to an ISPConfig setup.
    I do not quite understand what you try to build. I would say it does not make sence to add an ISPConfig setup to Plesk and run them both at the same time. Perhaps what you need is to add an e-mail gateway to your Plesk setup?
  3. NMR

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    I just want to setp ISPConfig-3 as an additional SMTP Server along with PLESK server and configure the ISPConfig-3 to do SMTP-Auth from PLESK and allow users to send emails. Thanks
  4. Taleman

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    But you do have a bigger host where you could install ISPConfig? Why then not migrate the Plesk setup to that ISPConfig?
    If you only want to add an e-mail gateway, would a product like ScrolloutF1 suit your needs? But I know no method to automatically get the configurations from Plesk to ScrolloutF1.
  5. Steini86

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    ISPconfig is NOT an SMTP server. There is no performance of SMTP on ISPconfig. It is a management software to handle smtp/imap/web/dns ... servers. For example, you install a postifx server to serve smtp and ISPconfig can manage ts configuration files. Just (almost) the same way PLESK does.
    If you want to have a "purely SMTP" server, then you want to install "purely postfix" (or whatever smtp server you like) on that server and configure it manually. That will save you a lot of trouble.

    Installing ISPconfig on a server and just using the SMTP part of it (which is fed by PLESK management software anyway) does not make any sense!
    You can migrate from PLESK to ISPconfig, but it will not make postfix faster (only if its misconfigured).

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