Ispconfig3+nginx+php+perconaDB and varnish+memcached

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  1. gokuale

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    it's possible to install this webserver software and ispconfig ????

    percona DB

    ISP Config 3

    thanks a lot!
  2. till

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    Yes, that should be possible. you might hab´ve to customize the nginx config file temolate for veranish though. Personally I wnt use varnish on a nginx server as it gives no real benefit performance wise. Varnish on a apache server makes sense but nginx is as fast as varnish, so varnish will produce just overhead in your installation.
  3. gokuale

    gokuale New Member

    thanks for the reply
    if i use this tutorial
    and in the end I am replacing mysql with Percona is possible ??

    I would like to have an environment configured optimally for wordpress, joomla, magento and prestaashop

    ok if varnish is not optimized I only use nginx and mamcached

    There are no particular setting in addition to the tutorial to optimize a web server configured as

    I would get a separate environment for any web spaces of the customers so that if it is violated hosting a whole is not compromised machine

    I hope I know how to help
    thanks to all
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