ISPConfig3 Uninstall Broke Nginx

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by skinnypete, Jun 19, 2014.

  1. skinnypete

    skinnypete New Member

    After uninstalling ISPConfig3 so as to reinstall it, nginx gives the error:
    nginx: [emerg] unknown "no_cache" variable
    ...and refuses to start. After checking the error-log for nginx this happened exactly when ISPConfig3 was removed.

    My hunch is that somehow the config's for the vhost has something to do with it, but not sure why since all have been removed.

    Working on the problem now, we have isolated nginx to start with only nginx.conf and it starts so this eliminates anything in the core and recompiling is not necessary. Now we are working through some configurations in some of the sites that were operating "outside" of ISPConfig3. Bewildered as to why because everything was working perfectly on those sites and no recent work was being done on any of the configs for those server blocks.
  2. skinnypete

    skinnypete New Member

    ...may have found the problem...looks like it is in a fast-cgi directive...but no idea why it happened now. Stay tuned....still working on this to confirm.
  3. skinnypete

    skinnypete New Member

    whew! yes the problem was in one of the fast-cgi directives.....and now nginx is running again and the sites that were outside of ispconfig3 are all being served again. We still have no idea why because that particular directive has been in the server block configs for months with no problems on any site. So why? Once ispconfig3 was uninstalled did we have the problem? One of those unexplained mysteries I suppose. :confused: LOL! :)

    Now back to our ispconfig3 re-installation....................... :rolleyes:

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