Issues with Apache 2.4.10 and ISPConfig

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    I have done a new install of Debian Jessie (8.5) with ISPConfig (, and Apache (2.4.10). I am having an issue making changes to the website after I have already created it. For example, I setup the website before I had more IP Addresses. Once I had more IP Addresses I added them to the servers network config, added them to the Server IP Address list under System (also checked the box for vhost), and added them to the websites as needed. The ones that I had already made do not reflect the changes in the vhost and do not see to work with the new IP Address. If I create a new one with the extra IP Address, it works fine. I am not sure if there is a bug in ISPConfig that is causing it to fail to update the website vhost or if there might be an issue with the version combo I am using.

    As a side note, if I restart Apache from the console I get an error about NameVirtualHost being obsolete and will be removed in future versions. It seemed ISPConfig used this for updating the sites as it adds the IP Addresses to the config file when I added them with vhost option. The error doesn't stop the system from starting, just something to note for future releases.
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    That's an issue in your local server config and not a bug. See last chapter here on how to find out whats wrong with your server that stops ispconfig from writing the changes to disk.

    That's intended and not an issue.
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    I am not getting any errors from running the script manually and one of the sites is now working. The other site has the data in it, but it is not working still. It is the same domain as the ispconfig domain. I have the website going to a different IP Address for 80 compared to the IP Address for the admin side. I can't see why this would cause a problem, but it is the only thing I can think of at this time.

    Looking at the Cron.log, I see errors about fetching gpg files from Debian. I tested from the server and it can pull it down with wget.
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    You have to turn on debugging first, then disable the cronjon, then add the site or modify the site and finally run
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    I did, no errors appears in the debug and it did update the files for the sites. One of the sites started working when I did it manually. The other site, I am not sure what was wrong with it (I think an issue on my server hosts side). I deleted the IP Address I was using for it and requested a new one be added to the server. Once I got the new IP Address in, updated ISPConfig (still manual and no errors) in all the areas needed for the new IP, added it to the site, and now it looks like it is talking. I could ping the address and it shows up in "ip address" so I am not sure what caused the issue for that IP Address. I will switch it back to auto and keep an eye on it.

    Out of circuitous, will ISPConfig not setup SSL (even with the check box checked) unless I have the SSL Tab filled out? It would be nice to use Let's Encrypt right from ISPConfig once the new version of ISPConfig is released (I saw it was in the beta update, or planned for next release).
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    You should check if the cron daemon is working correctly then.

    Yes. How shall it setup SSL without a cert :) If it would add the config in the vhost when there is no SSL cert, then apache won't start anymore, so the SSL config gets added when it is enabled and an SSL cert exists.

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