I've created child NS for my domain, then added a DNS zone in ISPConfig. Now all sites go there.

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by vp.r00t, Jul 8, 2017.

  1. vp.r00t

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    So I got a domain with NameSilo, I created child NS (glue records) that point to my server. Let's call it mysite.com.
    On my server I did what I believe is the correct DNS configuration and all is fine and dandy.
    Except one thing. Now when I open any of the other sites, I see the mysite.com page. Most of the other domains rely on external DNS hosting so there are no ISPConfig DNS entries for them.

    What am I missing? This is how mysite.com's records are set up:
  2. vp.r00t

    vp.r00t New Member

    Update: after disabling the site, other sites pointing to the same name servers (ns1/ns2.mysite.com) started working again. Maybe that would be a clue.
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    Do not Mix * and IP in websites, either use * for all sites or the IP. This is not DNS related, I talk about website settings.

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