JavaScript Object Sorting: Custom Sorting Based on Object Properties

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    I'm working on a JavaScript project where I have an array of objects, and I need to sort them based on specific properties of the objects. Each object represents a product and has properties like 'price', 'rating', and 'name'. I want to sort this array by the 'price' property in ascending order and, for products with the same price, by the 'rating' property in descending order.

    Here's a simplified example of the array:

    const products = [
        { name: 'Product A', price: 25, rating: 4.5 },
        { name: 'Product B', price: 15, rating: 3.8 },
        { name: 'Product C', price: 25, rating: 4.2 },
        { name: 'Product D', price: 20, rating: 4.0 },
    I want to sort this array to have products sorted first by 'price' in ascending order and then, for products with the same price, by 'rating' in descending order. I attempted to find the answer by studying several sites, but I was unable. Could you provide a JavaScript code snippet that demonstrates how to achieve this custom sorting, and explain the key concepts and functions used in the code? Thank you for your assistance!
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    You should do your homework assignments yourself, to learn.
    The problem is not very custom, surely you can find instructions in any reasonable material teaching sorting.
    Sort first by rating, then use a stable sorting algorithm to sort by price, this should give you the desired order. Bubble sort is somewhat easy to code, and it is stable sort.
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