Job offer - ISPcfg3 DNS zone creation problem.

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    Good morning.

    I am looking for a developer that can help us iron out a problem with ISPcfg3 and creating primary/secondary DNS zone files.

    The problem is as follows:
    We are creating a DNS Zone via the API using the following WHMCS module (

    When creating the zone the data is appearing to be inserted into ISPConfig correctly, and is present in the dbispconfig database under the "dns_rr" table, but the zonefile on the server does not have any records added.

    When going into the zone selecting records we can see them, if we then go back to the other tab we get a message that the zone is not loaded due to having no NS records in the zone file. If I then go into an individual record and save it, that single record is correctly added to the zone, so it seems like it is just a final confirmation part that is needed. (From
    The API does create the record, when send through a simple PHP script.

    We use latest version of ISPConfig stable in multiserver setup, Debian 8, fully updated, Apache/Dovecot/MySQL.

    If you take the job, you will be working directly with our developer and you will have full root access to the required servers.

    For further information about the job incl. payment and time, contact Frank Lauridsen (CEO) [email protected]. You are also welcome to ask further questions here in the thread.

    Design'R'Us ApS is based in Denmark and is a web design company, where our product, LimeCity is the new hosting branch.

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