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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by anark10n, Oct 4, 2017.

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    Hey there
    So, the problem i have is that I have installed Joomla on a site I created through ISPConfig, and following the instructions of the installation, I had to change the owner and group of the "web" directory to the apache2 user, www-data:www-data and the permissions to 755. However, Joomla reports the directories in the web folders as non-writable, due to the permissions of the parent directory of "web/" . Is there a way to get the directories writeable without having to resort to changing the parent directory to 777 as this poses a security risk?
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    Sorry, but the installation procedure that you used is completely wrong and must result in a broken setup. Never change the permissions of the web directory and do not chown files in web directory to www-data.

    The steps to fix this is:

    1) Delete the website in ISPConfig.
    2) Create the website again in ISPConfig, ensure that PHP mode is set to either php-fcgi or php-fpm and the suexec checkbix must be enabled.
    3) upload joomla to the web directoyr with an FTP account of the website. If you use root instead for the upload, then ensure that you chown the uploaded files to the web user and client group of this site after you uploaded them.
    4) Open the domain of the website in your web browser and follow the instructions of the joomla installer.

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