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    Have been following:

    At step 7 where you are to access Joomla to perform the final setup I am presented with the following message.
    For your security please completely remove the installation directory including all files and sub-folders - then refresh this page.
    Yet I haven't gone through the Pre-Installation Check or the other 4 steps as of yet??

    If I remove the installation dir as prompted I receive this error after refreshing the browser when just navigating to
    DB function failed with error number 1146
    Table 'web18_db1.jos_session' doesn't exist SQL=SELECT session_id FROM jos_session WHERE session_id = 'f472a2667585478906e77e97b26a44fb'
    SQL =
    SELECT session_id
     FROM jos_session
     WHERE session_id = 'f472a2667585478906e77e97b26a44fb'
    HOWEVER- if I navigate to I am presented with a login screen.
    When I try to log in using the default credentials 'pwd: admin' 'usr: admin' I receive the warn;
    You can not login. There are no administrators setup
    I have also renamed 'configuration.php-dist' to 'configuration.php' and edited user, password, dbname, live_site, & absolute_path = '/var/www/web18/web' within 'configuration.php'

    I just imported the tables 'joomla.sql' successfully...

    What the heck am I missing here?

    Thanking you in advance for your help..

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  3. giganet

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    I do have a question regarding multiple site management.

    The way Installed Joomla was into ''- not excatly like the HTF tutorial

    Having installed Joomla this way, can my web-hosting clients utilize Joomla to edit threir sites?

    Thank you


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