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Discussion in 'Smalltalk' started by Stob, Mar 22, 2020.

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    Hello, I used Ubuntu about 10 years ago when my windows laptop crashed. I used a work PC and downloaded the OS and away I went. I had some glitches to work out, but once that was resolved, it was good to go. Then a MacbookPro was given to me, which I found out somebody had wiped the OS off it, but it was prompting to a wifi connection. Hooked up to wifi, downloaded the OS, and off again! Ubuntu was new and was fun to learn, so was the mac. Until it died. Drug out the old Ubuntu machine and found it was VERY outdated and I could not remember the password to update it, plus it was s-l-o-w. So I bought a refurb Lenova, came with win10. I downloaded the startup stuff for Mint19.3 on the old PC, so when I booted win10 for the first time, I did the minimum to get it to boot off the Mint stick, and bye-bye win10!

    OK, rambling here....I have been relying on the Mint forum website to work out things, but they seem to not have much patience for those who do not know Linux programing. They spit out a response, "just install XXX and you'll be fine". Well, it aint that simple. Case in point, I wanted a broadband usage tracker since I'm on a fixed monthly amount. Searched the program manager, found one, installed it, would not launch. To the forum, "oh, it's command line program"......All of the data usage programs are command line. I got minimal help from them, was pointed to a tutorial, which was not a tutorial in the sense of step by step, still assumtion that you know how to do this stuff. So I searched elsewhere and found exactly what I needed at HowToForge. The tutorial was perfect and vnstat is working. I joined here because I'm sure I will come across something else I need help on.

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    Just signed on too, bit annoying that you have to post before you can post....
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    You do not have to post before you are allowed to post. You just may not post links without having a certain amount of posts.

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