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Discussion in 'Desktop Operation' started by jsabarese, Nov 25, 2006.

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    because i was having problems w/ my up-to-date RPM of kdewevdeb (Quanta+) today, i figured i hadn't much to lose, so i downloaded kdewebdev-3.80.2 (for latest development version of Quanta+ on FC5)

    i was unable to do as recommended w/ the ./configure, make, make install

    however, simply cd ./thedirectory-of-the-extracted-files, tried a few commands, including simply ".. ]# quanta "
    (which i immediately thought 'doh!' ... that's just going to run what i already have installed) but to my surprise, the app launched, and seems to be running as if "installed" properly. however, i know this isn't quite right.

    i'm still too new to Linux / Fedora to really understand 'why' this is working, and what i should probably do for at least a more preferred setup, even if this is how i'm going to run it (in other words-- i assume there must at least be a more preferred directory than /home/username/mydownload/kde/quant...

    suggestions? advice? mockery and laughter scornfully pointed at me?


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