kernel compilation: help required

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  1. amit_ambitions

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    I have two queries.

    1) When I install fedora core 6 on my machine, even though I set all the options the source code for linux kernel does not get installed. How can I do that.

    2) I have downloaded linux- from and now I want to compile it on my fedora core 6, plz tell me the step by step procedure for successfull compilation. I am new to this so I will require your help, I appreciate in advance.
  2. falko

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    Fedora Core 6 is quite old, so I guess the repositories don't exist anymore.

    Take a look here:
  3. raju23

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    Kernel modules size

    I have compile linux kernel version 2.6.28 , when i see the " .ko " files after the kernel was compiled the size of the ".ko" file is very large compared files created from the installation by cd . Is their any way to reduce the size .

    I assume it has to do with the dependency Cd installation manages this dependency than when we compile the kernel . Is there a way to reduce the the size of the kernel object files ? .

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