Kindly help me out wifi authentication issue

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  1. ahsan.altaf

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    i had followed the link to configure radius server for wifi authentication.

    now the problem i m facing in this regard is when ever i tried to connect the client to the radius server. I got prompt for user-name and password at client end. As i enter the details it sends Access-Request to the server. Server on receiving this sends back access-challenge request to client and after that there is a loop of access-request and access-challenge packets between client and server. When i see the status at client site it says that it is trying to authenticate .i had to manually cancel the authentication process.

    The problem is that client didn't receive access-accept or access-reject in my case.

    kindly help me in this regard.
  2. ahsan.altaf

    ahsan.altaf New Member

    Any body ?????????

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