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  1. anirudhasonar

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    Hi All,
    I have requirement to install the RHEL with ks.cfg method. The biggest problem i am facing is, that setup should also perform the formatting and mounting of the secondary disks which are present in the server.
    For example, If I have server with 5 internal disks. Then kickstart installation should be performed on Disk-1 (e.g - sda) and the rest disks should be formatted and mounted with some mount point while installation.
    is it possible? if yes, can anyone tell me how can I achieve it ?

    Any help will be appreciated ..
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  3. anirudhasonar

    anirudhasonar New Member

    No its not giving me any info on my problem.
    Any way thanks for taking a time to read my post and reply .
    I think there is no way that I can achieve this while installation. I think i will have to right some shell/perl script which i can run in post install script.

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